What’s In A Name?

This week’s topic delves into my thought process behind the naming of my clothes and accessories.

What’s in a name?? Maybe nothing and maybe all too much!!

The curiosity generated by my product names has unwittingly given me the content for this week’s blog post.

The tres reason for naming them was so I could easily explain to the patternmakers what I was discussing instead of saying “that black velvet top with buttons spread unevenly at the front and back, ties on the sides” or just the Chandan blouse…you get the gist. Much more comfortable for all to recall and for a lazy talker like myself expending less energy.

I envisioned having beautiful exotic Indian names for my merchandise and figured how hard could that be. Surly, google a few Indian flora and flower names, and I’d be good to go.

Alas!! That wasn’t the case at all.

After about two days of intense researching – while I had become an encyclopedia on them names; I was seriously considering giving up this idea and just numbering my products 1,2,3.

What’s in a name anyway!!!

Did you know we have flowers with strange Indian names like ‘Lady’s Slipper’ and Rhododendron’? I mean whose going to buy Lady’s Slipper Kurta Set?? Seriously!!!

My other criteria for choosing names was that it should be easy to pronounce for a diverse global audience. (I tried ‘Neelakurinji and Goram Lichora’ on my husband, and he crucified the poor names) No hope there!!

I figured I would ask my mother for some advice on names instead; she proposed using ‘money plant’ as a name for the potli bag. Many Indians believe having a money plant in the house brings good luck, so it appears my mother extended this same principle to naming my product !! Suffice to say I haven’t taken any more of mum’s advice on the matter.

In the end, it came down to the fact that some names ‘feel right’ for specific products.

They are all Indian but not all named after the Indian botanical variety…

Let us see if you can guess which ones are WHICH?



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