What I Wore At London Fashion Week?

This season, London Fashion Week was a lesson in dressing for the elements, with storm Dennis bringing apocalyptic rain showers and creating wind tunnels in the streets of the capital.

Added to this is the fact that LFW attracts a global audience of influential media and retailers. Given the platform its hardly surprising to see exotic and flittering grandeur both indoors and outdoors at The Strand.

A friend once described it like attending a glamorous party, wherein you will meet some incredibly stylishly dressed people, who teeter on some impossible heels, have extravagant tastes and skinny legs!!

So what do you possibly wear to a fashion extravaganza like that?

Do you dress high fashion or the high street, comfortable shoes or killer heels, Susanna Lau aka Style Bubble or Carine Roitfeld?

Dressing up should be fun, and Fashion Week is no different. The truth is that I am not trying to be the model at the show but merely there to enjoy the party so the best option would be just to be me and stay true to my original style.

This year dressing up for fashion week meant promoting my brand. Therefore it was hardly surprising I wore some pieces from my collection. I believe in fashion diversity, mixing two different spirits so to speak; European style with Indian silhouettes.

One often needs to step away from home to look at artistic ideas from a telescopic lens. The privilege of travel enables the genesis of fresh perspectives and has fueled me to look deeper within myself.

I wanted a feeling of subversive femininity with the outfit in mind; that idea of something undone and mixing things which is very modern.

Decoding my outfit:

Equipment Black Cashmere Sweater –

Equipment Black Cashmere Sweater

The LBD of the winter wardrobe – cashmere jumper; effortless, comfortable and super warm for the tempestuous English weather.

Dina Udupa Khamara Lehenga –

Dina Udupa Khamara Lehenga

The idea here was to take the full-look set apart, and mix different spirits and sensibilities. There is a strong sense of sophisticated minimalism in this lehenga. I wanted to work in a trend that I love into my outfit; mesh. The skirt is crafted in a curious mix of luxurious fine check merino wool and black mesh fabric, giving it pristine modernity. Antique pearls add an element of romance to a functional pocket.

Aquazzura Black Suede Slingback Sandals –

Aquazzura Black Suede Slingback Sandals

I think one of the keys to personal style is finding a way to be comfortable in what you wear because it shows through confidence.  Heels and comfort are usually not spoken in the same breath. However, these trusty old Aquazzura heels are a bit of an anomaly in my closet as they are super comfortable to prance around.

Dina Udupa Champa Potli Bag –

Dina Udupa Champa Potli Bag

The Champa potli in black velvet with beautiful embellished gold appliqués and mirrors was the perfect accessory to complete my look.
Assortment of ring and earrings.

In the words of my favourite fashion icon; Iris Apfel “there’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.’’



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