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As the sweet summer breeze wafts its way into our lives, it time to give major props to the dainty and delicate Indian summer outfits.

Think of throwing one on as a radical act of self love. An Indian summer outfit at its finest is a wearable kiss you are giving yourself. Whether its an iconic cotton summer dress or a super soft easy to wear blouse or, the very chic linen shirt suit is guaranteed to make you feel glamorous and instant pick me up. Everybody who comes cross your stylish path will feel happier, even if they don’t know what hit them.

Summer style has long enchanted the rest of the world. Indian summer outfits are as closely associated with love as it is music festivals, balmy nights, fine and a rather laissez-faire attitude to fidelity.

From floor-sweeping fringe detailing to prim and proper pleats, there was plenty of Indian summer outfit inspiration on the SS20 catwalk that can effortlessly translate to our quarantine wardrobes.

Here is an essential guide to surviving hot weather style:

Summer Dress

Summer dresses are, without a doubt, the easiest way to perfect the seasonal style. You don’t need to worry about coordinating complicated outfits, throw it on, add a pair of shoes and great accessories to complete the look.

Source: Cecilie Bahnsen, Itr by Khyati Pande & Moda Operandi


The shift in our new standard has led to a new way of thinking and dressing, making summer blouses a pivotal component of every wardrobe. It could be anything from straight and structured, dramatic and conservative, masculine or feminine. But always stylish!!

Source: Chandan bib blouse by Dina Udupa, Itr by Khyati Pande & Pinterest

Short Suit

Androgyny at its best or as says the heroine in Ernest Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden ‘You see… that’s the surprise. I’m a girl. But now I’m a boy too, and I can do anything and anything and anything.” The shorts suit have that raw, boyish energy very appealing to the rebel in all of us.

 Source: Pinterest, NewYork Fashion Week & 




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