Three Key Fashion Trends That Defined Autumn/Winter 2020 For My Online Clothing Brand!

The incoming mood at high end online clothing brands isn’t just about drama, head-turning style. It’s all about characterful dressing that whispers rather than shouts. In light of the pandemic, the czars ruling the style kingdom reminded us of the freedom that fashion can bring — taking full ownership of dress codes that were once the hallmark of the male gaze or swaddle ourselves entirely with face-protective layers and enormous voluminous proportions.

How is winter shaping up in your style stakes? Luxury brand enthusiast were seen channelling underwear-as-outerwear at home, to face-covering silhouettes and indulging in the secrets of wintertime WFH dressing.

In this article I wanted to highlight how I have incorporated some of the key breakout trends of this season in my online clothing brand collection.

The Trend: Visible Outer stitches

Where we have seen it:

Monse, JW Anderson

Visible outer stitch trend
How I incorporated it in my online clothing brand; Dina Udupa

I smiled when I read that outer stitch lines had taken centre stage this fashion season: it is a fashion mantra I so heartily endorse. It is no surprise then to learn my favorite luxury brand of all time Burberry’s laid claim to this trend in their AW20 catwalk shows.

I championed the outer stitch potential of the gold thread in the Ganga Rawcheck Tunic. It is indeed one of the most appealing trends to experiment with in the comfort of your own home and no better time for that than now.

The outer stitch lines in this tunic are in vibrant gold thread, instantly adding a subtle sensuality and strength to a darkly romantic design.

Ganga Rawcheck TunicThe Trend: Pared-back Metallics

Where we have seen it:

Lanvin, Channel

Paid Back Mettalics
How I incorporated it in my online clothing brand; Dina Udupa

Consider the pared-down glamour spotted on the runways at Bottega Veneta, Burberry and Salvatore Ferragamo as the custom solution for the modern woman who’s grown adjusted to 24-hour comfort. Go the whole nine yards on the bottom half but keep all else conspicuously cosy.

I unabashedly adopted this trend in the Biba lehenga set. The skirt in this 3-piece set is designed in a unique blend of black raw silk and gold sequins adding hint of glamour to the luxurious textural fabrics.

Biba Lehenga Set The Trend: Suiting Fabric

Where we have seen it:

Gucci, Tory Burch

Suiting Fabric
How I incorporated it in my online clothing brand; Dina Udupa

Rewind to February 2020 and ultra-feminine silhouettes were yielding new power in the hands of fashion’s most-cerebral provocateurs. While London stayed faithful to corsetry for AW20, Milan was all about the cinching and belts. Autumn’s biggest wardrobe switch-up is all about the suiting men’s fabric in womenswear.

Khamara lehenga set is the prime example of playing with this trend in my collection. The skirt is crafted in a curious mix of luxurious fine check merino wool suiting fabric and black tulle; giving the outfit pristine modernity. The femininity in the suiting fabric is brought to life by the addition of antique textured pearls and aesthetically positioned gold and silver zari trims.

Khamara Lehenga Set


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