Thin-slicing With Maxi Lehenga Skirts This Summer!

What will you wear today?

Fashion scholars Mary Ellen Roach and Joanne Eicher, find that the way we dress is one of the main ways we send social signals as this shows our identity.
Our choice of clothing can heavily influence the impression we transmit, making it a powerful communication tool.
In essence, clothes are similar to language – both perfect for subterfuge and expression. In a highly evolved and fashion-conscious society, clothes have acquired proportionate importance.

We costume ourselves every day! That verb may be archaic, but it’s what we do when we get dressed; put on a costume. The aspect of theatrical allusion is significant too; we play a role, private and public personas.
Our outfit tells the world – and reinforces to us – what that role is. It subtly communicates to our audience who we are or who we want to be perceived as.

I recently came across the word ‘thin slicing’; which means drawing big conclusions from superficial things to save time. We thin slice whenever we meet a new person or have to make sense of something quickly. Our clothes are just one of the elements that the people we encounter use to cut through us.

When it comes to clothes, you can choose stasis or you can choose, like many a fashion junkie, flux, an endless in and out of trends. What I advocate as someone who not only loves and designs clothes/accessories but likes to use them to express myself rather than lose myself – is somewhere in between.
I probably have half a dozen different versions of me, and I enjoy every one of them. ‘Me’ is precisely what each of these contradictory dramatis personae is.

Women may endure more scrutiny for what we wear, yet we also, paradoxically, enjoy more latitude. We get to play with clothes and, relatedly, with identity in a way most men only dream off. In hindsight, I am happy with our end of the deal. It is fun to shapeshift.  We can dress on a particular day to ensure that we will be thin sliced in a way that suits our ends at that moment.

The whole business of getting dressed can go deeper than that. Systematic influence such as trends is a huge deciding factor in what we wear.
The checklist of the trend this summer on fashion runways and street style is the maxi lehenga skirt. It is an item of clothing that doesn’t need much in terms of styling or overthinking and can be pulled out year after year.

Source: Givenchy, Erdem and Gabriela Hearst

Source: Telegraph and Pintrest

I love the Dina Udupa Biba maxi skirt; added sequins on one side gives it the much-needed summer glamour. In pristine black, the skirt acts as the perfect blank canvas to dress up with accessories. For an easy summer vibe, I throw on my favourite pair of lace-up sandals, black tee and easy beach hair

Source: Biba Lehenga Skirt by Dina Udupa

So much in fashion, as in the rest of life, I suppose it is about contrast and balance. In my Khamara maxi skirt, the acerbic beauty of the tulle undercuts the otherwise masculine textures of the suiting merino wool, giving the garment a deep intensity, charm and lightness. Sprinkling the black tulle with colourful handmade appliques keeps it sweetly flirty whilst adding a 3D dimension.

Source: Khamara Lehenga Skirt by Dina Udupa

Maxi lehenga skirts are my forever skirts and, in a way, inform my very sense of self. It is an accumulation of all the bits of me into a wholeness that, in its very contradiction, is inimitably my own. Thin slicing or not!.



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