The Shift In Our New Normal Gives Way To Offbeat Blouse Patterns & Styles.

What does the word ‘offbeat blouse’ conjure up in your mind?

Something straight and structured, dramatic, masculine or feminine?. For me, it stands for stylish, out of the box and comfortable.

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Whatever the image may be; there is no denying this shift in our new standard has also led to a new way of thinking and dressing, making such blouses a pivotal component of every wardrobe.

One of the real hazards of the #StayAtHome directive is that we are all struggling to remember what day it is and be motivated to dress up.
I am looking for comfort in dressing; something which is easy to put on with the minimal effort and looks great too.
That comfortable piece of clothing for me is the Chandan bib blouse. The blouse works for all occasions – including those that take place within the confines of the house. I wear it for a video conference call with clients or a house party pub quiz with friends.

In the Indian context, a traditional blouse is a style of top that is usually well-fitted and cropped, often worn by women as a part of their conventional garb.
Call it a traditional outfit’s amplifier if you will, but blouse plays a significant role in elevating ethnic silhouettes, whether it’s a traditional Indian saree or a beautiful lehenga. Many a variety of blouse patterns have graced our wardrobes over the years. From the historical and traditional silhouettes like kanjari (bare back blouse with strings and a flapping fabric on the midriff), angias (a loose fitted shirt-like boxy blouse) and the classic choli (tight fitted cupped blouse with ties on the back) to the more recent t-shirts and crop shirts with collars.

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Indian wear in the UK and world over has seen many transformations in the recent years with a wide range of blouses to choose from; allowing the wearer to step out of their comfort zone and opt for a statement piece to keep the look edgy and experimental.

My thought process behind designing the Chandan bib blouse was quite simple – to make a garment which is uncomplicated, versatile and fuss-free. As much as I like the idea of women looking sophisticated and classic, I’m quirky at heart, which means I have a desire to inject a sense of humour in my designs.

In designing this blouse, I wanted to return to minimalism; a sort of a clean-up after a period of excess. Crafted in a square and straight silhouette with romantic ties on each side; the colourful buttons give it a soupçon of femininity. It is made in opulent black velvet fabric enhancing its magnificence.

The Chandan bib blouse is timeless and transcends tradition and silhouettes. For an understated evening, wear it with trousers to take you from fancy dinners to cocktails. Team it with a bias-cut maxi skirt, and you could go to the ball or pair it with your favourite saree to inject an instant dose of fun and quirk. In practicality terms, they roll up into small sausages which make them the ideal solution to slip into your bag for desk-to-dinner dressing.

For many people like me, dressing is a survival mechanism; a way to take control and structure of our day and to reassure ourselves that not all is lost.

It is no surprise then that in current circumstances, the Chandan bib blouse has not only come out of my closet – it is taking a premier role.



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