The Future Of Online Clothing Brands

Social isolation has given us all time to re-evaluate many things – not least our consumption habits, and the impact our purchases have on the planet and humanity. In tune with our current reality is the online clothing brand which is having a resurgence of sorts.
If fashion truly is about capturing and reflecting the zeitgeist, then online clothing brands are spot on.
Let’s start with the now: social isolation. Shopping from the comforts of our home is what we need and are indulging in. But what happens when we come out of confinement? Will we pick up where we left; shopping wisely? I don’t know about you, but I honestly cannot bear the thought of queuing up to the fitting rooms anymore.

Despite government restrictions worldwide easing, retail is far from returning to normal. Many shoppers like myself are hesitant to return to stores; hence the call to arms for brands right now is to make shopping efficiency a priority for consumers. Enter the digital space and online clothing brand.

Digital has proven to help us through confinement – talking, sharing content, buying groceries, so why not harmoniously add this digital moment in fashion, too, as a sign towards the future. Analysts and retailers believe that online shopping store UK, which boomed during the lockdown, will carry on apace.  Federico Marchetti, chairman and CEO of the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group says “We will see online and offline increasingly connecting, becoming one, powered by technology to make the experience seamless for customers. Stores will need to keep up with online shopping, using data and technology to know their customers the way online retailers do.”

It is interesting to note the forecast from trade statistics tripling of online sales to account for 23% of European sales in 2020. “The sudden closure of all apparel retail stores across all major global markets has shaken up the channel mix in an unprecedented way this year,” said Bernstein’s Aneesha Sherman.
E-tailing apps such as Threads Styling and Yes, thrive on the ethos of convenient shopping are an offshoot of online clothing brand.

The once-dominant large-format flagships in important tourist cities with customer engagement front-of-mind with in-store art spaces, cocktail bars and event spaces have become quite antiquated.

The future of shopping is working together on the online and the physical; creating a multi-level channel for customers.



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