The Festive Feel Of The Velvet Saree

I had always known for Indian saree to be in crisp cotton, diaphanous silks, pastel chiffons and feather-light georgettes. Growing up, I can’t seem to ever recall crossing paths with a velvet saree.
However, velvet seems to be having a fashion resurgence of sorts and is now widely used in both Indian and western silhouettes.

Delving into the history and origins of velvet shows that it hailed from Egypt. Traces of this fabric were dug out in olden dynasties in China, around the 221-226 B.C.E. Soon it was hit by a revolution during the 1920s when most of the rich and royal families wore enthralling gowns and shawls in velvet; symbolizing royalty.

For a very long-time velvet was confined to the sartorial choice of the Santa (in his trademark red velvet suit). But with appearances on fashion catwalk shows like Pucci, with its seventies rock ‘n’ roll approach and Dolce & Gabbana’s decadent blooms of appliqué velvet flowers, the attitude towards the fabric has changed dramatically.
Closer home, renowned fashion designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra are scorching up the ramp with velvet in their beautiful collections.

Source: Sabyasachi & Manish Malhotra

Source: Sabyascahi

It started as an offbeat runway trend; making its way to the celebrity red carpets due to its opulent and exquisite appearance.


In the words of Chelsea Zalopany, Marketing Editor at Vogue “Velvet has jewel-tone colours and a rich, luxe touch.”

Incorporating velvet into my collection was always going to be the case as I love the look and feel of this rich, luxurious fabric. It’s the type of go-big-or-go-home festive material with its high sheen, making it perfect for cocktail parties and weddings. No longer is a saree only a saree! And, likewise, a lehenga choli or an Indian tunic, if rendered in velvet, evokes royalty, along with an air of romanticism.

Dina Udupa Mogra Saree is made in the soft pale bluish-grey shade of velvet with specks of gold and red zardozi embroidery; giving this saree an ethereal quality. It’s hard not to feel celebratory – and – warm when wearing the innately luxurious Mogra Saree.

Source: Dina Udupa Mogra Saree

Next time you fancy wearing the velvet saree, why not team it with an offbeat blouse pattern to give an added dose of oomph and sensuality.





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