The Collective Conscience Of My Ethical Brand London; Dina Udupa

An interesting fact in the psychology of fashion is the difference between something looking good and something that feels good. Luxury versus ethical brand London. From time memorial the two have been at odds.

Today, at least in part due to the global health crisis, they have become inextricably interlinked.

The pause in our lives that we all collectively experienced and continue to do so; has inadvertently made us all the more reflective of values of an ethical brand London. This thought process has ignited numerous conversations that point straight back to sustainability. It is not just about doing the right thing but also about creating a resilient ethical brand London.

I see myself as an artist seeking inspiration from nature and people; therefore, it would be disingenuous of me not to honour both through my work.

With my ethical brand London, I have tried to include attributes of craft and community. Sourcing fabrics and trims from resources taking into account the welfare of people, animals and the environment. The anchor points for me are considered practices and waste reduction.

We need to start by rethinking, rebuilding and reimagining it all. The trick is to re-set our mind on where the fashion industry is currently and its evolution in the future. The idea is to expunge an informed narrative of storytelling, championing the convergence of it all – the people and perspectives driving it.

I want to be the change. It begins with me and my environment. How can I build internal advocates of sustainable change within the remits of my world?

We need to put equality at the heart of everything we do. For my ethical brand London; the endeavour is to strategically gear towards sustainability, equity and justice. To use fashion to create a better world for all of us.

Source: Mudita Crafts, fabric supplier to Dina Udupa

Source: Krian Production, manufacturers for DinaUdupa

We collectively share the conviction of responsibility in ensuring a sustainable future.

It is challenging, but with new resources and the young crop of designers passionate about the cause showing up; there is hope. Our sustainable practices will continue to evolve. However, if we don’t change our consciousness quickly, we are going to make ourselves extinct.



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