The Allure Of The Dupatta!

What comes to mind when you think of a dupatta/scarf – in the South Asian context it is a beautiful, long piece of fabric paired with Salwar Kameez, Lehenga and or a Tunic.


Radhika Airi

Living in a cold country with notoriously unpredictable weather, the dupatta for me has evolved into an exceedingly practical dimension.

The statement scarf/dupatta has usurped the statement coat as this season’s must-have accessory; hardly surprising considering it is such a versatile item of clothing available in different variations and easily adapted to western silhouettes.

It is easy enough to style one with a utilitarian parka or topcoat, match them up with traditional Indian or western accoutrements: the bigger, brighter and more clashing – the better. And you’ll be warm. Who says form and function can’t mix?

Woolen & Head Scarves

Balmain AW2020 Ready-To-Wear

How to wear statement scarf

From the lacquer texture of the Marigold dupatta, the Art Deco style of the Bulbul dupatta to the lush vibrancy of the Rani velvet dupatta, there are no more rules on how to wear it. Today, an elegant dupatta is one of the few accessories that transcend trends, seasons and even generations.

For an Indian soiree, my go-to look comprises of a simple salwar kameez; statement jewellery topped off with a gorgeous silk dupatta. In contrast, for a casual everyday look, I bundle it up over my coat for warmth and that extra dose of feminine attractiveness.

The next time you hit the party circuit or go about your daily routine; get creative with the dupatta!



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