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The superstar status of the sarees within the Indian cultural context meant that anthropologists and historians of fashion often overlooked the 3-piece traditional garment called lehenga choli; however, this garment has been through its evolutionary journey.

The origins of lehenga choli date back to the Mughal era in India when it was considered the fitting attire for Indian women at festivities and ceremonial occasions. The design of the lehengas reflected the grandeur of weddings.

Lehenga choli UK is often the choice of garment for the bride and her bridesmaids, owing to its dreamlike grandeur and elegance. Indian fashion designers over the years have popularised this garment in films and fashion shows; re-inventing the fashion wheel to make the lehenga contemporary and relevant every season.

Here is a list of my ideas in transforming this traditional attire into a modern and edgy look:

Cavorting dual fabrics– mixing contrasting materials and colours with high slits at the front. It works on playing up understated sensuality. Case in point is the Dina Udupa Biba Lehenga choli UK. The design of the skirt is in a unique blend of black raw silk and gold sequins adding a hint of glamour to the rich textural nuances.

Source: Biba lehenga set by Dina Udupa

Go bold with sheer lehenga choli – to make them event appropriate pair the lehenga skirt with trousers or cigarette pants worn underneath it. I wore the sheer Khamara Lehenga choli UK at the London Fashion Week earlier this year. The idea of something undone and mixing up of European style (in my case leggings underneath the lehenga skirt) with Indian silhouette gave me a feeling of subversive femininity.

Source: Khamara lehenga set by Dina Udupa

Indulge in an offbeat blouse pattern – give the usual blouse/choli a much deserving break from your festive wardrobe; opting instead for an unorthodox one. The Dina Udupa Chandan bib blouse is a classic example. It is timeless and transcends tradition and silhouette.

Source: Chandan bub blouse by Dina Udupa & Pinterest

Belt up – accessorising the lehenga choli with a belt is a novel way of updating the otherwise traditional garment.

Source: Pinintrest, Jayantu Reddy & Sabyascahi

Dappling of drama with the jacket – generally worn over the blouse/choli; they are a hugely comfortable and supremely stylish alternative to the dupatta.

Source: Vogue India & Sabyasachi

As Iris Apfel famously said ‘there is no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and above all, attitude’.  



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