Redefining Minimalistic Dressing With The Lehenga Choli UK – Indian Fashion Blogger In The UK

What is a magnificent Indian wedding without the opulent finery of the bridal lehenga choli UK in times of Coronavirus?!

The C-19 outbreak with a single brush stroke has cancelled or postponed the wedding season world over. Intimate family occasions and Zoom marriages are rapidly replacing grand weddings and social events. Post-pandemic it’s fair to assume the big fat Indian wedding is on hold.

Whatever the scenario may be; there is no denying this shift in our new standard has also led to a new way of thinking, dressing for the brides. The simple, clean look in muted colours is forming the pivotal component of bridal looks. The economic and social destruction around seems to have put a pregnant pause on over the top bold colours and dressing. It is pushing us into a more prudent way of doing things, with brides in sync with the current melancholic mood.

My collection of lehenga choli UK is ideal for the low-key fuss-free bride looking for comfort in dressing. My designs strongly emphasise on quality sustainable fabrics and classic, timeless silhouettes that can be cherished for years to come, reinterpreted and restyled, to express the individuality and uniqueness of the bride. The styles showcase a subtle aesthetic, whilst at its heart; embodying the spirit and culture of India.

Biba lehenga set – This lehenga choli UK set works well on playing an understated sensuality. Cavorting dual fabrics; in this case, the raw silk and burnt gold sequins creates a unique blend adding a hint of glamour to the creamy textural nuances. The Biba lehenga choli UK set is for the sophisticated and modern bride who loves to give an old favourite a new spin.

Khamara lehenga set – Go glam with this sheer lehenga choli UK set. The idea of something undone and mixing up of European sensibilities with Indian silhouette gives this bridal attire a feeling of subversive femininity. The Khamara lehenga choli UK showcase a strong sense of sophisticated minimalism which is unmistakably the fashion trend this wedding season.

For many brides, dressing is a survival mechanism; a way to take control and structure of their special day and to reassure that not all is lost. It is no surprise then that in current circumstances, the DinaUdupa pared-back lehenga choli UK rings true with where we stand at this moment culturally and sums up the indented message of collective consciousness.




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