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Raise your hands if you feel that dark pull of material lust every time you see Indian Potli bags UK in your favourite shop. I do; guilty as charged!! I am partial to these little circular beauties and use it to add an extra dollop of oomph and pizzazz to an everyday outfit.

Delve into the background of these Indian potli bags UK, and you’ll find they were just as coveted in the Hindu mythological era as they are now. Back then, the smaller versions carried rice, herbs and gold coins with the four corners to tie knots.

Source: Sonal Kanakiya

Over the years, these bags have evolved to form an integral part of the global fashion vocabulary. They come in a variety of design landscape from the ornately embroidered and embellished to the subtle and pared-back versions. Indian potli bags UK come with drawstrings; often referred to as drawstring bags, potli sack purse, pouch bags etc.

Source: Jivaana, Crafty Clutchz,, Aanchal Sayal


Source: WhoWhatWear, Simone Rocha, Etsy

Indian potli bags UK act as a blank canvas conveying a lot about the women carrying them; their beliefs, cultural connotations, social affiliations, to name a few. I often tell myself, these bags can be whatever I want them to be from the promise of a sleek, well-ordered better version of myself, a superior mini-me or, a merely beautiful souvenir of my travels. British Vogue very aptly coined these Indian potli bags UK as the fashion alternative to a therapy dog. I am capitalising on the comfort-dressing trend and pair my loungewear with this chic accessory during those daily video calls.

Design, for me, is born out of nature’s most exquisite handiwork. It’s unsurprising, then, that it carries an intrinsic emotional value too. Creating the Indian Potli bags UK in my virgin collection was an intertwining of personal stories, luxury and traditional craftsmanship. I wanted to provide a strong artistic vision.

Taking this visceral idea of twisting and manipulating fabric was the start of the creative dialogue. I looked to arts for inspiration; particularly sculptures and textures, which symbiotically feed into the bag shapes. Focusing on form, clean lines, structure and how a bag ‘fits’ against the body (as seen in the Maina & Koyal Potli Bag) is my design outset.

Source: Maina Potli Bag & Koyal Potli Bag by

I want my Indian potli bags UK to allow its wearer to feel in control of their narratives and being able to declare themselves, especially at a time when people feel like they can’t or shouldn’t be themselves.

Being progressive is redefining the zeitgeist and the women who buy Dina Udupa. There are different influences of culture woven into my brand, and ultimately, it is representative of an international woman.



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