Potli – The New Cool Girl Bag!

(Dina carrying Gulmohar Potli Bag)


This week’s story is about my love of the potli bag. My go to accessory on numerous weddings, parties and most recently Christmas lunch with the in-laws.

India is a potpourri of rich culture and tradition, and if you dig deep into the treasure trove of Indian accessories you will stumble upon the beautiful (and usually circular) bag called ‘Potli.’ Potli in Hindi means pouch and that’s where it tends to take its shape from.

The existence of potli bag dates back to ancient times when women used it to accessorize their classic ceremonial outfits. It is that traditional relic, which has and probably will stay as an accessory of practicality and style for Indian women (and men?!) in years to come.

Style enthusiasts have tussled with their take on the potli bags for some time now – they were considered an excessively coordinated accessory for traditional looks at one point. But that has changed, and the final verdict is in: the potli is not just back, but is the reigning queen of Indian accessories!!

The challenge therefore lies in re-inventing this homegrown silhouette to give this bag a global cool girl relevance; for wedding/festive season and beyond.

India’s cultural identity is so deeply rooted in its rich textile heritage and at Dina Udupa I have tried to unpack certain traditional codes that I am familiar with, reworking them and playing with that tension to create a modern, feminine dialogue between the two.

I personally use the potli bag as arm candy on casual night outs to add that oomph and pizzazz to an everyday outfit.

You could style your blue jeans, white T-shirt with pair of heels, statement earrings and the Dina Udupa Butea Bag for an instant glam look. It is the perfect size for all your everyday essentials whilst still being small enough to take you easily into the evening.

The potli bag seems to be having their moment in the sun with many a fashion designers playing with this accessory in myriad shapes, sizes, designs and textures.

Here are some of my favourite ones.

  • CecilIe Bahnsen Potli Bag…. LOVE!!
(Image Credit: Matches Fashion)


  • MaisonM Potli Bags –  Gorgeous pouches of happiness!
(Image Credit: MaisonM London)


  • Staud Potli Bag – I absolutely adore the roping on the handles and those pearly baubles!
(Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar)


  • Edie Parker Potli Bag – Classic shape with chainmail details
(Image Credit: Moda Operandi)


  • The Row Potli Bag –  Adorbs!!!! So chic and elegant

(Image Credit: Pinterest)

The potli bag has been spotted on influential global style icons in recent times; and as we all know they are the demi-gods of the fashion world and what they sport becomes the next big thing!!

So next time you are out and wondering which bag to carry; why not try the potli…



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