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Following on from my last week’s blog, I wanted to delve deeper into the summer clothing store and look at the new crop of sustainable labels specialising in eco-friendly fashion and accessories.

The current circumstances require us to evaluate where and how we shop. The SS20 catwalk shows were a testament to the simmering shift in the design sensibilities, with the overarching aesthetic theme being ‘realistic’ and ‘wearable’.

Behind this desire for a more classic wardrobe is the overwhelming impact of sustainability on the planet and environment. Never mind that newness, fashion’s lodestar, is suddenly out of step with the zeitgeist.

There is no denying the significant role of sustainable and ethical fashion in forecasting trends over the next decade. Gearing this shift in design and sustainable production is several summer clothing stores propping up around the globe.

Here is a look at some such ethical stores creating a buzz in the fashion circuit right now:

Arkitaip – Founded in 2018, the brand specialises in linen intending to provide women with a long-lasting wardrobe. The tunics and jumpsuits are the dream summer wardrobe.

DinaUdupa – Dina Udupa is a celebration of luxurious fabrics in simple, elegant design forms. With access to a selection of beautiful, high-quality, sustainable fabrics, my collection combines the craftsmanship and attention to detail to offer a contemporary take on traditional Indian fashion that stays true to the principles of such rich traditions and culture.

Happy Haus – This is a French-German label specialising in eco-friendly denim. Add this summer clothing store to your summer wish list.

Ara I the altar – UK based artisan Lauren’s earth aware adornment brand uses recycled silver and gold to create beautiful, unique objects. In soft pastel shades, the Instagram handle is as serene and alluring as the objects she designs.

Quazi Design – The jewellery brand founded in 2009 in Swaziland utilises discarded magazines to create an original style of the bead; transforming into a range of jewellery. Manufacturing of the products is in ethical working conditions; in an attempt to create sustainably designed products while creating employment and bringing skills to local communities.




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