Maxi Skirts – The New Mistress Of The Wardrobe!

Change is afoot, in the ateliers of designer labels. Maxi skirts are here to stay! We have a lot to thank for social media as it has played a significant role in influencing the trend and mindsets of women all over the world. With so many celebrities and influencers wearing maxi styles, it invariably has a bearing on what others seek out when deciding their looks.
I have always loved longer skirts, their movements and silhouette creating an elegant style statement. I love the way all that fabric flows so pleasingly around the ankles, creating its drama as you stride by.

It is for this very reason I incorporated the maxi skirts in my debut collection. I am generous with fabrics in my designs, many of my pieces can be worn to the office or evening events.
My Biba silk sequins maxi skirt is a sophisticated and modern take on an old favourite. The maxi skirt design is in a unique blend of black raw silk and gold sequins adding a hint of glamour to the luxurious textural fabrics. The waist is cinched in on either side by black silk satin bows. The addition of the gorgeous khaki gold trim on the pocket creates an effortlessly casual take on luxury.

Source: DinaUdupa Biba Maxi Skirt, Dina Udupa Khamara Maxi Skirt

The Khamara maxi skirt is crafted in a curious mix of luxurious charcoal grey fine check merino wool and black tulle, giving it pristine modernity. Hand-sewn gold and silver gota trim run artistically vertical on the merino wool. The tulle is brought to life by an array of stunning appliqués dotted on it. Antique textured pearls add an element of romance to a functional pocket.

Both my maxi skirts are a breeze to wear. Casually, I pair them with flat sandals, Birkenstocks and trainers. For a high-octane glamour look, I go to my trusted high heels – office to bar the versatility of the maxi skirt perfectly accomplished.

Of course, one cannot dismiss the recent popularity of the midi that has helped speed up a shift towards a more modest approach to dressing. Whether it’s for cultural reasons, a desire for comfort, a push-back to the over-sexualisation of style, or just an aesthetic inclination, women are finding ways to make covering up cool.

This summer, Nicole Miller shows us how to take the ruffled version to work; while Sacai lends it an urban edge. I especially love the vibrant colours and prints at Stella Jean; perfect for some of us bold ones out there.
Gabriela Hearst Prada showcased her silk maxi skirt with a comfy cashmere pullover; instantly recalling photos of Kate Moss in the ’90s appearing so effortless in ankle-grazing skirts. I can see myself in something similar, maybe trading the jumper for a cropped black tee for a slight midriff-baring summer moment.

Source: Nicole Miller, Sacai

Source: Stella Jean, Gabriela Hearst

Paco Rabanne’s rebellious take this season is mesmerising, maxi skirts have had a gritty makeover with punkish twists in black leather and satin. And lastly who can forget the body-hugging masterpiece of Alaia – red carpet drool-worthy.

Source: Paco Rabanne, Alaia

The 2021 version of the maxiskirt is smart rather than boho. As we re-emerge, I’m still taking baby steps in ‘personality’ dressing: for me, a boxy white tee offsets the volume. A black silk shirt ideal for restrained sensuality and elegance.

As for the idea that shorter people can’t wear longer lengths? I am 5.5ft, I do have to create the illusion of a waist if the items I wear are fuller. I usually wear boyish, or more minimal silhouettes, so if I want to look feminine it comes from architectural shapes and volumes rather than a glut of florals.

This summer why not let the love affair with all things full length begin or continue; and revel in a style foremost about the woman wearing it, rather than those who gaze upon her.



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