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From a fashion perspective; the trans-seasonal time of the year can be a tricky one to get right. Slowly transcending towards autumn but not quite in the depths of winter yet; the uncertainty of the weather can play havoc with wardrobe-planning; throwing any styling efforts into disarray. Of course; this makes deciding what to wear a logistical nightmare.

Enter: Trans-Seasonal Dressing – how to dress to accommodate uncertain temperatures, short but sharp sunny spells and the ever-present threat of the rain.
I fall back on some of my go-to trans-seasonal vital pieces to take me effortlessly from one season to another with minimum fuss. Some of these key pieces for me are the practical trench coat, lightweight blazer, long sleeve blouse and of course, scarf/dupatta UK.
Whatever forms part of your wardrobe update, the advice from stylist and fashion editors alike is that a trans-seasonal piece should always point ahead to the new season and never back to the one that has just gone—simple effective style strategy.

Want to keep your neck warm but can’t handle a full-on knitted scarf?

Here’s where my Jasmine Pearly dupatta UK comes in. The dupatta UK is in a stunning two-tone palette of colours featuring pretty mother of pearls panel along its edges that taps into the new season’s love affair with the modern romantic look. The gold and ivory in the lame silk fabric have a gentle shimmer that catches the light beautifully.

This dupatta UK is perfect for a wedding or an occasion this time of the year when you want to only lightly envelope yourself from the gentle autumnal chill.
Throw it around your neck, tie it up in knots, even wrap it around your head; this dupatta UK is a must-have for most in-between seasons.

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I tend to wear this dupatta UK with both Indian and Western silhouettes depending on my mood and the occasion. Needless to say; it acts as the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, making me look well put together.

Next time you are out and about; why not try the Jasmine pearly dupatta to keep you looking stylish and warm.



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