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What does gold lame saree conjure up in your mind? Visions of gorgeous Indian women dressed to the nines in over the top glamour dancing seductively at grand weddings and festivals? If you had asked me this question last year, I might have agreed with that vision; but things have changed since; as are my views on gold.

I am a minimalist at heart; the clean structural aesthetic of Scandinavia sings fashion lullaby to me. It is hardly surprising that my brand represents this design philosophy within the Indian genre. I am a woman of primary colours; black, white and grey rule my wardrobe.

However, summer calls for a time to be slightly more extravagant with my colour choices. That free, effortless, vibrant Mediterranean vibe is so appealing. I created the Kamal gold lame saree with this in mind.  A confluence of modernity within the traditional gold pairing.

Whist designing the gold lame saree; it dawned on me that adding colour isn’t changing my minimalistic style; it’s just evolving it for the warm sunny months.

Some colours can work correctly into a simple wardrobe, even complimenting the subtlety of it. Incorporating colour still needs to feel natural to me; which is why I tend to gravitate towards solid looks; hence the Kamal gold lame saree.

That ultimate simplistic modern dresser, with gold colour, pops somewhere hot, with a glass of rosé in hand.

To show the true potential of gold as the perfect summer vibe, I’ve created an edit of the must-have pieces to get that new gold style going:

Galvan – Pre-fall 2020 dress

Zara – Gold pleated skirt 

Orpul – Beaded crochet maxi dress 

Oseree – Embellished stretch lured halter neck bikini 

Bottega Veneta – Sponge pouch small metallic leather clutch 

Christian Louboutin – Just nodo 85 mirrored leather and PVC sandals



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