Five Instagram Accounts Inspiring Me Right Now!

Suffice to say the past few weeks have been nothing short of life-changing with all of us having to re-calibrate and re-align our thinking and living. We seem to reminisce with a sweet fondness, the things we took for granted only weeks ago. There is a sense of nostalgia with the old way of life.

With this new normal comes an inevitable change in our source of entertainment and relaxation.

As a fashion designer, I have always looked to different art forms for inspiration from nature to architecture to food to music to travel.

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Self-isolation has given us all the time to reflect upon and seek inspiration amidst new creative dimensions.

My choice of poison in these circumstances has been Instagram trailing.

Here are five accounts I keep turning to:

Ara | the altar

UK based artisan Lauren’s earth aware adornment brand uses recycled silver and gold to create beautiful, unique objects. In soft pastel shades, the Instagram handle is as serene and alluring as the objects she designs.

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Lilly Sophia

Minimalist artist Lilly’s Instagram account is all things fun and colourful. She looks at life through a playful lens, slightly fantastical, with a dollop of humour, impossible not to be sucked in.

No Borders

A juxtaposition of all things fashion, culture and art. This page seamlessly mixes art, sustainable fashion, photography forming the ultimate inspirational mood board.

Secret Caravan

Think of this account as therapy for your eyes. It is an endlessly inspiring well of inspiration from colour to textures to nature to photography. This handle has got it all and more.

Vinayak Grover

If like me you love to look at fabulicious lust-worthy food photos, then head to Mumbai based food photographer and stylist Vinayak Grover’s Instagram handle lostandhungry. He makes everyday food drool-worthy.



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