First Collection For My Sustainable Fashion brand London Is Both Personal And Redolent Of My Fashion Journey

I have always been charmed and inspired by the exuberance of fashion writing for my sustianble brand London; DinaUdupa. There is something innately wonderous and self-indulgent about documenting my writing for others to peek in. While my weekly writing is generally about my take on fashion; there comes a time when you fancy digging deeper about a collection that’s both personal and redolent of my fashion journey.

However many people have read Q/A’s about design inspiration behind a collection, there is always, I’ve noticed, room for one more. My article is a different kind of a read, most definitely because I am the one asking the questions and answering them.

This Q/A doesn’t have the same crowning effect I admit, but it is an honest and modest representation of my thoughts and ideas behind my maiden collection for my small sustainable fashion brand London.

Dina Udupa is innately modern and whimsical with an androgynous touch, inspired by stark contrasting beauty of black and white. The happy result is a playful collection of soft and hard—think tulle lehengas, black velvet tops with gold appliqués and ivory silk velvet bags with handsome baubles.

The debut collection for my sustainable fashion brand uses ethically sourced Banaras weaves, geometric handlooms, and embroidered organic silks in monochromes and earthy tones infuse both their romanticism and global appeal.

The collection is loosely inspired by black and white photos. How do the colours and silhouettes reflect that?

The black and white colour palette was used as an inspiration and guiding block. There is something boldly delightful about pairing the sharp primary hues with the intense rich flavouring of Indian silhouettes. In this collection, I have created pieces that represent this form with the flowy black tulle, metallic trims and intricate woven fabrics adding nubbly texture and form.

How will the pieces appeal to the modern woman?

Each and every piece in my sustainable fashion brand is made with the purpose of translating my minimalistic ethos in a very easy to wear way. The lehengas can be dressed down with the boots and then repurposed for the night by adding statement jewellery. The velvet crop tops can be worn to a casual meeting, or to a dinner with a pair of high waisted jeans and heels. These pieces are perfect to swing from an Indian odyssey to a western soiree.


I love the potli bags, they are the must-have pair to round off any look, making it instantly cooler. The scarfs are a true ode to the collection elevating any outfit.

How did your personal aesthetic and the global language of fashion come together in the collection?

I really stayed true to my brand’s aesthetic. I see it as a harmonious marriage of my vision and reality. It can be seen in the point d’esprit tulle lehengas, the black and white tunics with ascents of metallic gold and sequins, the dual youthfullness of crop tops. Combined with the potli bags and the scarfs; this entire collection really stayed true to me with the simplicity yet intricacy of my sustainable fashion brand London; Dina Udupa.


Creating a sustainable fashion brand London is not easy, period. It requires a conscious effort and a clear and correct understanding of everything from the procurement of raw materials, responsible packaging to the life trajectory of the garment; its consumption and impacts on the planet. Being fully sustainable is a pretty impossible task in this industry either for small or large fashion houses.

I have started small with the aim to build slowly and sustainably. Necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s the ethos behind what I do. Sustainability increases creativity working inversely proportional to reducing its cost. It forces designers like me to think independently and come up with creative economic ways to utilize resources that already exist.



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