Fear & Excitement – Tentative First Steps!

Putting pen to paper has never been my forte and yet here I am documenting in my blog.

I decided to quit my successful career as a fabric buyer at a luxury fashion house during 2019 to traverse the unknown and challenging path of being an entrepreneur.

I have often asked myself the hard question – in a sea of talented designers… do we need another one? The answer I always seem to get is a resounding YES!! I have a strong opinion, a unique perception of India and an innate desire to create clothes that simply express this.

I was once asked if I should have studied design at a fashion school, considering that I now design for my brand; and my answer to that was a NO. Design is innate and inherent, a bit like style and having had no formal education in that area has allowed me to run free with my imagination and creativity.

I tell you what I should have studied though – marketing your brand in the age of social media!!! For me it is an unknown territory, often fraught with doubt. As I write I am still navigating this path all be it with much trepidation.

The aim is to craft pieces that stand the test of time and can be passed down as heirlooms. My biggest success as a brand would be to see my clothes transcend generations.

The journey has only just begun and to say I’m excited and nervous in equal measure would be an understatement.

In the words of mythologist Joseph Campbell “if you want to ask me how I should live my life, I ask you, what is the most meaningful thing to you, your raison d’etre, and I suggest you ally yourself with that – your bliss.”

I guess I’m allying with mine.

Dina x

Owner, Dina Udupa


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