Diwali Celebratory Wardrobe

I am a minimalist at heart and nothing rules like ivory and black in my wardrobe. My festive fashion mantra has always been less is more, simple is best; often migrating to super fluid kurta set. They have been my go-to colours; make me feel good so why change something that isn’t broken.

Growing up, I was well aware of the bright colour palette of the Diwali etiquette, but my rebellious internal fashionista was desperate to make a point. Why could I not be allowed to wear an unmistakably elegant kurta set regardless of colour?

I must admit I have always been a bit of a colourphobe. After living close to 9 years as an adopted Londoner; accustomed to grey skies I have forgotten how to wear colour.

Suffice to say over the years in a sea of bold colours at myriad such Indian social events, I have made many an ivory and black faux pas and felt utterly fabulous doing it. I am not trying to challenge century’s old customs and or mindsets; perhaps just trying to see the world from my played down aesthetic.

Ivory for me is the purest of hues; mitigating away from the traditional characterization of the Indian design as limited to the palette of pinks, reds and oranges with over-the-top paraphernalia. Black is the ever-forgiving classic sensual colour so why limit it to only western silhouettes.

Imli razorback kurta set from my maiden collection is one such example. It stemmed from my desire of articulating a pared-back Indian design in soft ivory velvet.

Source: Dina Udupa Imli Racerback Kurta Set

Subtle sensuality this Diwali comes via the Khejri classic kurta set. It is unquestionably feminine yet imbued with simplicity, epitomising a fresh take on a modern wardrobe. Cut in gorgeous black silk satin at the front, turn around to reveal the surprise of black tulle with colourful mirror appliqués.
The pants are also in black silk satin, and the dupatta in black tulle.

Source: Dina Udupa Khjeri Classic Kurta Set

I have always been quite aware of the chicness of an all-white or an all-black outfit. They are timeless, effortless, and make you feel put together and confident. Both of these colours will always trend; and it almost always looks great on warmer South Asian skin tones.

Although monotone looks do have the currency in my style book; I often look to colours that compliment my favourite palette. Certain colours work perfectly well complimenting the rusticism of white or the starkness of black; by acting as blocks of sunshine revamping the entire outfit.

With Diwali parties rolling in, why not shop less and build an easy sustainable celebratory wardrobe.



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