Black – The New Colour In Occasion Wear?

Would you wear black to a wedding? What about black with gold? Or grey perhaps?

The answer I always seem to get is a loud No! Its called tradition I am told. Weddings are a time of celebration, a time to wear bright and happy colours. Black is the colour of doom and gloom.

Ironic if you consider the psychology of colours, where black means power, discipline, independence and strong will. Not to mention the confidence it gives the wearer, hiding a multitude of flaws, looks good with and on everyone.

In scientific terms, black isn’t even a colour, just the absence of visible light and stylistically speaking, the same caveat rings true. Wearing black isn’t a trend, but rather the absence of trendiness.

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Growing up, I was well aware of wedding etiquette, but my rebellious internal fashionista was desperate to make a point. Why could I not be allowed to wear something unmistakably elegant regardless of colour?

Suffice to say over the years in a sea of bold and bright colours at weddings and festivities, I have made many a black colour faux pas and felt utterly fabulous doing it.

As Oscar Wilde says it: “If one is to behave badly, it is better to be bad in a becoming dress.”

I design for myself, and I started my sustainable fashion brand because I saw a hole in my closet, but also (arguably) in the market – reacting to the characterization of the Indian design as limited to the palette of pinks, reds and oranges with over the top paraphernalia. Dina Udupa stemmed out of my desire for new ways to articulate my pared-back Indian character, evident in my collection from the black and gold Biba lehenga set to the ivory Imli razor back kurta set.

The logic follows that if you see something distinct missing in the world, other people must sense that as well.
It’s with this in mind I designed my first women’s occasion wear collection primarily in blacks, whites, greys and golds. I am not here to challenge century’s old customs and or mindsets; I only want to showcase my creative point of view and the colours and hues in which I see the world—a way to talk to the world without words.

women's occasionwear

The idea was not for me to redo what has been done. The future is the past, and the past is the future. I am continually working through this elaborate maze to see how I can project this in my future collections.

One of the most cliché of phrases “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’’ rings true where we stand at this moment culturally and sums up the indented message of collective consciousness.



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