Are Minimalist Online Clothing Brands The Key To A Happier And More Sustainable Lifestyle?

There has been a slow simmering of an aesthetic shift in our fashion culture for decades now; with minimalist online clothing brands bubbling up and making their presence felt.

It has presented itself in myriad guises and transcended multiple generations: from Calvin Klein’s 90’s greyscale to Phoebe Philo’s austere post-financial crash stylings at Celine.

2020 has been the year of sombre perspectives. Consumers the world over are investing in pieces that last, both for monetary reasons and ethical implications. The minimalism 2.0 movement was very apparent on the catwalks with online clothing brands such as The Row and Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta at its helm.

We are witnessing the well-known and widespread perils of fast fashion; water pollution from toxic dyes, mountains of textile waste, the ubiquitous use of polyester to the pressure on cotton farmers etc!

Out of this chaos, a minimalistic fashion trend is emerging that rejects all that. Now seems the perfect time to introspect: are minimalist online clothing brands the key to a happier and more sustainable life?

What is minimalism?

For me; it is about stripping back the unnecessary, leaving only the things that provide me with real value and joy. It is the antithesis of the modern consumerist narrative. This principle extends to my fashion choices as well as my online clothing brands.

My entry point to minimalism and slow fashion was through my wardrobe. I remember going through every item of clothing I had, and offloading a lot not used in years. This process re-wired the way I think about clothes, consumerism and my buying habits. I now seek quality items over sheer numbers. I believe in the buy less, choose well, make it last slow fashion ideal.

As a converted fashion purist, I stick to sleek, functional, fuss-free monochromatic clothes and accessories. This back-to-basics approach to wardrobing reinforces the pieces that matter—clean, modern staple items that become the building blocks for the ultimate wardrobe.

Minimalist fashion ranges from tonal outfits and draped silk scarfs, to voluminous tulle creations, from classic tops to basic tunics.

Need a little inspiration!! Below is a curated list of must-have pieces from a few of my favourite sustainable online clothing brands:

Beige Silk Dress From Stagnistudio:

Women maxi dress

White Cotton Dress From Bite Studio:

White maxi dress

Biodegradable Nylon Crop Top From Ziah Clothing:

Crop top

Organza Lace Dress By Cecilie Bahnsen:

Online shoping brand

Black Silk Jacquard Dress By Cecilie Bahnsen:

Women dress

Black Silk Potli Bag By DinaUdupa:

Black Potli bag

Black Velvet Scarf By DinaUdupa:



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