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Ganga Rawcheck Indian style tunic, was conceived with androgyny in mind. Androgynous frequently is associated with women in menswear; however, for me, this is a very limiting way of looking at it.
The reality is that there are so many other ways of playing with our notions of what gender is. There are so many possible representations and descriptions that are neither specifically feminine nor masculine.

In the past Androgynous fashion has been associated with the bra-burning feminist. But in modern fashion, androgyny has become far more accessible!

It’s quite ironic for me to be playing with these genders re-defining clothes within the South Asian context; especially considering the overtly feminine and colourful established standards of Indian fashion.
In doing this, I am hoping to showcase Indian silhouettes in a way I see them; modern, minimalistic, structural and striking.

With the Ganga Indian style tunic; I wanted to play on coupling masculine and feminine energies to create a symbiotically coherent design form. The marrying of two fabrics speaking a very different textural language.

The Ganga Rawcheck Indian style tunic is in fine check merino wool (male counterpart) at the front and delicate raw silk (female component) at the back.

The collocation of two fabrics is often fraught with technical and visual challenges which I very much experienced whilst designing this garment.
In the end, the aim was to create design harmony with the balance of the yin and yang. I chose dark charcoal and black as the colour palette as it formed the perfect backdrop to where I wanted to go with my vision.

I brought in elements of feminine droppings in the form of plunging neckline, gold outer stitching and gold/silver trims. The emphasis was on fewer features creating a more significant visual impact.

The intention is to be quietly feminine in a strong powerful way. My Indian style tunic speaks to the woman who is confident in her sexuality and her skin.



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