Six Textiles Of India Prevalently Used In Contemporary Fashion

India immediately conjures up images of its grand palaces, lip-smackingly delicious cuisine, its bustling cities, gorgeous women in their colourful sarees and of course the magnificently glorious textiles.

As a young girl, I would see my mother drape the glorious 6-inch saree in the most mesmerising of colours and motifs, each one woven in its own unique story; instantly transporting me to a world of magic.

The richness and abundance of textiles in India have had an enormous influence on my design sensibilities and ideologies.

As varied as the country is, the textiles differ from each region too. There are so much diversity and talent amongst the artisan and weavers weaving magic from the most humble of yarns using ancient old weaving techniques passed down from generations.

Below is a list of a few of my favourites Indian textiles which I have worn and or used in my contemporary fashion brand:


The oldest and most well-known hand spun, natural fabric to come out of India is khadi. Fashion Designers are reviving this fabric all over the world, especially in the time of conscious consumerism and sustainability.

Source: Primitive Tribal Craft

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Banarsi silk takes its name from the ancient old city of Benares. The weaves characteristic feature is the gold and silver brocade or zari, usually depicting intricate designs inspired by floral and foliate motifs and mango leaves themes.

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Source: Dina Udupa


This fabric is woven using the technique resist dyeing also called Ikat. The weave form takes liberty with geometry creating a visually stunning fabric; native to the region Pochampally in Hyderabad.

Source: Thibaut Wallpaper


Made from Mulberry silk and light beyond words, the hallmark of this fabric is its solid vibrant colours.

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Source: Dina Udupa and Mysore Saree Udyog


Kanjivaram is one of the most famous textiles in India. It is often associated with bridal and festive wear owing to its magnificence and richness. Kanjivaram is made from mulberry silk using gold or silver thread. Weavers use Korvai method of weaving in which different coloured yarn are interlinked.



Phulkari, which translates into ‘flower work’, uses the simplest of tools; needle. In this technique, the silk threads are woven, creating a feathery flowery texture.

Source: Luxurionworld

Which is your favourite Indian textile?



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